Best Sunglasses for Adventure and Fun!

Sunglasses are more than a high fashion statement. Whether you hike mountains, surf the seas, or spend most of your night dancing out on the town, you absolutely must have high quality shades. But which ones should you get? How about buying super fun Quay sunglasses on sale, or getting some classic customized aviator shades? Check out the hottest sunglasses for adventure and travel this year!

When you are buying shades you need to look for a few key features like UV-protection, durability, and polarized lenses. Your sunglasses need to be comfortable and fit snugly, but not too tightly. Classic styles like aviator glasses are both durable and fashionable. Bold colors and frames make a great statement. Here are our top picks for this year.

  1. Quay X Desi Perkins High Key Sunglasses

For those that like a classic sleek look, the Quay X Desi Perkins High Key Sunglasses provide luxury with a classic aviator shape. Affordable, too, you can enjoy these shades designed with YouTube sensation Desi Perkins.

  1. Quay Kitti Sunglasses

Retro is hot and these cat–eye sunglasses make a Purrrr-fect statement. Enjoy the glamorous 1950s feel. Be the bombshell on your next night out!

  1. Oakley Men’s Offshoot Sunglasses

Get a customizable set of sunglasses designed for you. With six lens colors and nearly a dozen frames to choose from, you will find the perfect look for your next adventure. Travel planning won’t be complete without packing this set of shades.

  1. Quay All My Love Sunglasses

For a fashion statement that is both flirty and feminine, buy the Quay All My Love Sunglasses. With a delicate ombre of sky blue to rose, these sunglasses flatter every face type. These aesthetically appealing shades accent every occasion beautifully.

  1. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

A classic since 1936, the Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses were designed to tackle any situation. For more than eighty years these aviators have protected pilots and adventure seekers alike. Noted for reducing blue and white light, Aviator sunglasses reduce glare significantly, protect against UV rays, and reduce headaches from eye strain.

  1. Quay Don’t Change Sunglasses

A favorite of celebrities, the Quay Don’t Change Sunglasses have a fun tortoise pattern. With roots in music festivals, Quay Australia designs quirky oversized frames and playful designs that are both affordable and luxurious. Versatile and fun, these Quay Don’t Change shades make a bold statement about the entirely unique you!

  1. Stay Afloat 65mm Oversize Aviator Sunglasses from Quay

The classic aviator sunglasses get a beautiful full-coverage makeover with the Stay Afloat 65mm Aviator Sunglasses. These shades feature 100 percent UV protection and a strong durable frame.

  1. Beatnik 54mm Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you plan on spending a lot of time in front of a screen on your travels, then you will absolutely need to have these blue light blocking sunglasses. Incredibly stylish, avoid eye strain and fatigue. At affordable prices, you can afford to have a few pairs of Quay sunglasses, one for every outfit!

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