5-Times Saree-Clad Women did Wonder!

All hail the South Indian Saree Power!

I have always been in awe with women who wear sarees like the second skin. Being so confident and doing business as usual as if nothing is mesmerizing about wrapping nine yards of fabric around the waist. I have seen my mother and aunts working in the kitchen, see us off to the school and rushing to work. All while wearing a saree! How can one forget Juhee Chawla romancing King Khan in the Swiss Alps wearing the paper-thin chiffon saree and melting the snow away with her hotness? Or saree wearing Bollywood celebrity Madhuri Dixit swaying her hips and doing some sick moves that take your breath away.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t even dare lift my finger while I am sporting one. There are so many things to worry about. There are pleats that can come undone or even lose their grace when as much as you move in the chair. Not to mention the pallu that not only can cause embarrassing situation but also can be a task to deal with if you don’t know how to pin it up right. But only until I came to know about these super awesome women who did some heavy lifting wearing the cotton sarees! Take an inspiration, for, they tell you all you need is willpower and confidence! And there is no stopping you if you have them!

Mandira Bedi

Well, I, anyway, envy her figure! How could one be so fit? But as if her fitness goals weren’t enough to turn me into a green-eyed monster, she pulls some push-ups in a saree. Talk about core strength and grace-all rolled in together-in one person! The best thing is she doesn’t feel awkward about it and looks so graceful. I guess I have cracked the mantra of wearing a saree now.


Usha Soman

No athleisure, no shoes and no gear! But that didn’t stop Usha to run a marathon with her son, Milind Soman. Not only can she run from shoulder to shoulder with her son, but she can also do the planks. And not to shame you or anything but she is 78! What’s your excuse for not getting fit or wearing a saree?

Meenakshi amma

Professionally trained in Kalaripayattu, Meenakshi amma is 73 years old and the oldest practising trainer of this martial performing art. This ancient style of combat involves twirling, jumping, crouching, air crouching along with props like sword and poles. Just imagine Kungfu Hustle in an Indian setting and imagine her doing all those stunts in a saree, Live and with no retakes.

Prerna Dangi

And who said you can’t jump or twirl in a saree. And if you listen to such social stereotypes within earshot, tell them about Prerna Dangi. This woman climbed an obstacle wall in a saree. And what confidence! She said and I quote, “It was more comfortable given the wide scope of chunnat. I struggled to see my feet on vertical and slab-y stuff. Let’s just say I tried to be as graceful as possible.” Well, she is as graceful and awe-inspiring a woman could be!

Shital Mahajan

Shital Mahajan skydived at 13,000 feet in a Nauvari saree to honour her Marathi roots! 13,000 feet! Let that sink in. Up in the sky and in a saree while looking so magnificent in it! Whoa!

So, lovely ladies, don’t let the nervousness cloud you when you wear a saree. Be and feel like the diva you are and flaunt your six-yarder like there is no tomorrow!

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