6 Rain Jackets to Try Out This Spring Season

As the seasons change, everyone’s wardrobe needs a change to accommodate the new weather. Therefore, as spring is here it is important to get yourself some rain jackets that you will show off among your peers. Not only is spring outerwear fashionable, but it is functional as well. As the precipitation and temperatures vary during the spring season, it is important to have the right outwear that suits you and for the right climate. Get ideas from fashion bloggers, street style looks, and various online boutiques as you choose your rain jacket. Online boutiques have coats and jackets you can shop for, that are stylish, that will keep you warm and dry. Below are the rain jackets that you can try out this season.

  1. Shirt jackets 

Complete your outfit with a shirt jacket and keep off the blustery winds. Shirt jackets are one kind of a perfect spring jacket that you can go casual or dressy with. Although people are not sure whether it is a shirt or a jacket. It looks like a perfect combination of both. Add this into your wardrobe and layer it over your cotton pull neck top for that extra layer of warmth. Also, when the weather is not as harsh. Wear a shirt jacket with a t-shirt and khaki shorts to get a stylish and casual look. There are many ways to style this jacket and still stay warm yet stylish. Also, you can pair it with a maxi dress for a polished look that still seems casual. As you shop for a shirt jacket, choose one with a stretch that has a more fitting appearance that will flatter your figure, and still not look snug. Neutrals like olives and khakis are common colors but the choice is yours.

  1. Get a rain mac coat

Do you need a stylish coat that will keep you warm and dry? The rain mac coat is one that you can get from the most basic to the most brazen of them. When you have this coat, the spring showers will not trouble you as they are waterproof and hoodedClick here for rain mac coats with color, hoods, pockets, and style. They are easy to pack making them convenient to travel with for a vacation or a business trip during this season. For this reason, purchase rain mac coats that fit in your suitcase and still have room for your other outfits as well. Rain mac coats are amazing for you are sure you will remain dry, and since there are many varieties you can get one with a more feminine silhouette that cinches at the waist.

  1. Cotton jacket 

Among all the fabrics in the fashion world, cotton is the most versatile for apparel. Also, for outwear and hence the cotton jacket is a great addition for your spring wardrobe collection. The advantage is that you can wear it with anything and it is light to wear. Layer it over your fitting jersey dress, jeans, and tee and any other ensemble you have on. Select a cotton jacket with many pockets, especially if you want to wear it for a casual look to make it functional. Besides, it will eliminate the need to carry a handbag, as you have pockets to stash your cash, mobile phone, and keys. Even though a good handbag is essential to upgrade your look.

  1. Consider a down jacket

To fight the chill in the air, consider a down jacket even when you are wearing your latest trendy top but its turn cold. You will need to get a down jacket that fits your business as usual look. Although, many people consider the down jacket as preferable for winter. Down jackets come in handy during the chilliest days of spring, and you will love them even more. It is easily portable as you can fold it up. Also, if you need to travel, it won’t weigh your suitcase down as it is ultra-light. They come in several styles, colors, lengths, and designs. Hence, ensure as you shop for the down jacket it coordinates with most of your outfits.

  1. Go for a fuzzy fleece jacket 

Having a fleece jacket in your wardrobe may seem common, but the simplest in many cases are the best. This jacket is for women whose comfort is a priority. It will help you stay warm as you cannot go wrong with a fleece jacket. Whether you purchase a zippered or pullover style, the look you want is easy to find. Wear this jacket over a tank top, blouse, long sleeve shirt, or short sleeve knit top for the extra warmth. There are many hues and shades to choose from to suit your preference. Also, for running errands and hitting the gym you can get a fleece jacket for a casual look. Plus, you can wear any kind of bottoms from boot cut jeans, shorts, Capri pants, and step out looking stylish.

  1. Grab a quilt barn jacket 

To always look polished yet warm. A quilted barn jacket will not disappoint as it is between dressy and casual. For this reason, you can wear it with slacks for a Sunday brunch and also to the office as well. Also, it is a good choice for warmth and style over a maxi dress or a midi dress. Jeans look great too whether you prefer skinny jeans or straight leg jeans. Add this to your collection, and you will love how it comes in handy this spring season.

All in all, the above are some jackets you can try this spring season. Add to your closet what you don’t have and add a few of what you already have in different colors and designs. As you shop you will notice there are varieties for every occasion and style preference to each. Plus, these jackets are not limiting only to spring as you can wear them during winter and fall too.

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