Top 5 Prom Dress Trends for 2023

Prom is the pinnacle of high school, the night that seniors have one last hurrah to bid farewell to all those years of studying and making childhood memories. To a teenager, there is nothing as iconic as that fateful night. Coming of age movies will lead you to believe that prom centers on the ties of friendship, grand romantic gestures, losing virginities, secret pacts and generally a gratifying culmination of the teenage experience. But let’s face it; prom is all about the prom dress. Fashion is what makes old prom pictures so interesting to look at.

Trying on princess gowns and experimenting with revealing cutouts is a rite of passage for any teenage girl. Unfortunately for most teens, a magical entourage equipped with all the fashion wisdom is a reserve for celebrities on the red carpet. As such, wardrobe malfunctions are commonplace at prom. This can make the night memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Here are top 5 dress trends for prom 2019 that you cannot go wrong with.

  1. Velvet Dresses for Prom

Just like prom, this top fabric bridges the gap between the old and the new. It is a statement look, for a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Velvet is soft to the touch, has a smooth flow and it glistens under the light creating an intense yet soft look. Color is key when choosing a velvet dress for prom. You’ll want a color that pops such as hot pink or regal navy blue. For additional glitz, you can go for a velvet prom dress embroidered with metallics.

  1. Soft Pastel Dresses for Prom

The soft pastel is ideal for girls seeking a soft, pretty and feminine look. As it migrates from the catwalk, this style is branching out from the classic blush color to blues, lilac, mint, and other interesting ice-creamy shades to suit almost every skin tone. Body conscious silhouettes and layers of lace crafted into a playful pattern add a unique and sexy twist to the dress.

  1. The open back Dresses for Prom

The open back is an ideal way for teenage girls to show some skin for prom while still maintaining a conservative vibe. The open back allows for an array of design options. Whether you are leaning towards figure-hugging hourglass mermaid dresses or two piece prom dresses, you can always incorporate a unique back cut out.

  1. Metallic magic Dresses for Prom

For girls looking to bring some red carpet glam to their prom night with an opulent yet chic look, metallic shades are the way to go. Choices of color abound, from glittering tones of bronze, silver or gold to dramatic clashes that integrate a splash of blue, red or black. You cannot go wrong with this flattering look since it’s so easy to accessorize.

  1. Straps and cutouts Dresses for Prom

If you are looking to bring on a little peek-a-boo action to the party, the good news is, a plunging neckline is no longer the only way to go. Cleverly placed cutouts and playfully designed spaghetti straps not only show some skin, but they also give exceptional structuring to simple silhouettes. Sheer panels, for example, can be used to make custom additions to any dress style be it a ball gown or a mini dress.