Here Are What Products You Should Check Ingredients Of (And What You Can Skip)

In recent times, with an increase in beauty and wellness influencers and blogs, people have become much more conscious about the kind of cosmetic products that they use. 

One key element of this change has been the attention that people pay to ingredient lists. Earlier, we probably didn’t pay much attention, if at all, to ingredient lists and instead, picked out and purchased products based on just the cursory information on the item. But that isn’t the case anymore. 

But it may not be possible to meticulously go through the ingredient list of every item, so you’ll have to pick and choose what you look through.

In this article, we’re telling you about some products, whose ingredient list that you should always check, and some that you can avoid. 


  • Must Check: Serums 


Serums are one of the most major elements of skincare since they target major skin issues. These substances are created in a way that allows them to penetrate the skin and deliver molecules deep into the layers of the face so that they lead to maximum effect, whether that is hydration, reduction of fine lines, moisturization, or anything else. If a serum has the wrong ingredients that do not suit your skin type or have irritants like intense fragrance, your skin will suffer and face redness, irritation, rashes, breakouts, and more. 


  • Skip Check: Soap


Soap is a pretty generic item, and they usually consist of the same kind of ingredients as well. Furthermore, since they are created to be washed off, the fragrance that is included doesn’t harm the skin very much. In fact, the fragrance is essential if you want your soap to give you a clean and refreshing scent. So, unless you have specific skin issues that call for specialized or medically-suggested soaps, you can skip looking through soap ingredient lists. 


  • Must Check: Deodorant


Deodorant is an essential part of every person’s hygiene routine, and it is applied to one of the most sensitive parts of the body – the underarm. Checking deodorant ingredients is important because too much alcohol content can irritate your skin immensely, and contribute towards darkening and hyperpigmentation. If you’re confused about how to check a deodorant ingredient list, take a look at deodorant advisor, a one-stop site for all your deodorant-related questions. 


  • Skip Check: Body Wash / Shower Gel


Similar to soaps, shower gels and body wash are also wash-off products, which do not remain on the skin for long and hence do not irritate the skin much either. Until and unless you don’t have any specific skin-related issues or have highly sensitive skin that needs a lot of looking after, you can skip over the ingredient lists for body wash and shower gels. However, that doesn’t mean that you will purchase anything. Though you don’t have to read through the ingredients thoroughly, do pay attention to the brand details and primary substances used. 


  • Must Check: Cleansers


However, the case with facial cleansers isn’t the same as soaps. Even though cleansers are another washable product, the skin on your face is incredibly sensitive and if the cleanser is made of harsh ingredients, it can strip your skin of essential oils and moisture, and leave you feeling dry. At the same time, if they do not have effective cleaning ingredients, regardless of how much it foams, they will not be able to flush out your pores as it should. Some ingredients to avoid in cleaners are harsh alcohol, too much fragrance, and parabens. Take care to note that this applies to both oils as well as foam-based cleansers. 


  • Skip Check: Lip Balms 


Most lip balms tend to have very similar formulations and are largely petroleum jelly based. Beyond having some tint or fragrance, they do not differ that much in ingredients. You may find specially formulated SPF-based lip balms, but that’s usually it. Since the amount of product required is also little, lip balm ingredients aren’t something to worry much about. However, one thing to keep in mind is to always go for nourishing ingredients like shea butter and honey, and avoid intense fragrance as much as possible, since it can be irritating in general. 


  • Must Check: Sunscreen 


Speaking of SPF, whenever you’re buying sunscreen, make sure that you scan the ingredient list well. Regardless of the weather or seasons, sunscreen is essential and you must apply it a few times every day. UV rays can have a terrible impact on your skin and lead to increased signs of aging along with a heightened possibility of skin diseases. However, the wrong ingredients in your sunscreen can also harm your skin. Furthermore, since it sits on your skin for a large part of the day, it must have a significant protection capacity and should moisturize as well.