Everything You Need To Know About Milkmaid Braids

Unique Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle – Steps, Images, Tips, Videos, etc

How To Make A Milkmaid Braids In 15 Steps

Milkmaid Braid is one of the most beautiful hair Updos one can opt for. It is basically made by wrapping two braids on the top of the head. You have choice which braid you want to opt for a regular Braid, French Braid, Dutch braid or Fishtail Braid depending upon the occasion you styling it for. It may seem that it is very complicated or difficult to get the perfect finish but trust me it’s very simple and easy to create one beautiful Milkmaid braid.

Things you will need to make a Milkmaid Braid

Hair Comb
Hair Brush
• Hair Ties
• Hair Clips or Bobby pins
Hair Spray
Hair Serum
Hair Curler

milkmaid with fringes

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Steps to make a Milkmaid Braid

Step 1: Brush your hair to get rid of tangles and bumps.
Step 2: Apply some Hair Serum to avoid frizz. Make sure you have applied it properly before moving ahead with the next step.
Step 3: Create a part over the forehead with your bangs. (Optional – as it depends on you whether you want to leave some bangs out or no)
Step 4: Divide your hair into two equal parts. (Excluding bangs)
Step 5: Secure one side with a hair clip or hair tie so that other side don’t interfere with your hairstyle.
Step 6: Divide the other side into three sections.
Step 7: Start with a regular braid. (Cross one section over the centre and the other over the new centre, continue till you reach the bottom)
Step 8: Secure the bottom of the braid with a hair tie.
Step 9: Remove the hair clip from the other side that you placed in step 5.
Step 10: Make a Braid of this section too. You can go for any other Braid style like a Fishtail Braid or a rope braid for a twist but it’s totally optional.
Step 11: After both your braids are ready, take a one of it and place it over the top of your head in the opposite direction. For example if you take your left braid cross it over to right side and secure it with hair clips.
Step 12: Do the same with other braid and secure it well.
Step 13: Make sure the ends are not visible.
Step 14: Style your bangs with Hair curler.
Step 15: Give a finishing touch with hair Spray.

Milkmaid Braid Tutorial

If you find these steps difficult to follow, don’t worry I have Milkmaid Braid Tutorial that will guide you step by step how to move ahead in easy and simple way.

Everything You Need to Know About Milkmaid Braids

Q1. Can it be styled with casuals?

Answer: It is a versatile Hairstyle it can be styled with any outfit but it purely depends on your outfit whether it will look good on you or not. If your dress that you want to style with Milkmaid braid is not too formal this hairstyle will look great.

sleek milkmaid braid

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Q2. How Milkmaid Braid will look if left overnight?

Answer: It is very obvious that your hairstyle will become edgy and messy it kept overnight, but that’s not a bad thing. Next morning you can just refresh your Milkmaid Braid by leaving it as it is or set it open. If you want to keep it as it is for another day all you need to do is freshen it up so that it doesn’t look messy and if you want to leave it open you will get great wavy hair with using Hair Curler.

milkmaid braid purple hair

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Q3. Is Milkmaid Braid a casual updo or a special one?

Answer: Well, I would like to tell you that it’s a casual updo but by adding a twist with some flowers or ribbons to the hairstyle it can be a special updo too. It all depends on how you can style Milkmaid Braid as it can be styled in variety of ways. Go for the one according to your choice and preference depending on the occasion you are styling it for.

Q4. How to get rid of the bumps?

Answer: You can get rid of these bumps by using some hair clips or bobby pins this will lower down all the bumps. But if you have many bumps that cannot be fixed with bobby pins all you can do is redo the hairstyle again.

Q5. What can you do to make Milkmaid Braid on layered hair?

Answer: As layered hair have different hair lengths it becomes difficult to opt for Milkmaid. The final result may be messier or you may end up with falling hair off your hairstyle, all you can do is opt for some flowers or use ribbons. If possible try to make a Rope Braid or a Fishtail Braid.

Tips to follow while making a Milkmaid Braid

1. If you want your hairstyle to last longer use more bobby pins and hair Spray.
2. Milkmaid Braid also looks great at bottom layer.
3. If your hair is short and can’t reach the top opt for French braid.
4. If you have bumps in one braid and other is totally fine, just open that one side to get rid of the bumps or use bobby pins instead of opening it completely.
5. If your hair is not long enough for Milkmaid hairstyle go for hair extensions while you start braiding.

How To Make A Milkmaid Braids
Everything To Know About Milkmaid Braids
Everything To Know About Milkmaid Braids
Everything To Know About Milkmaid Braids
Everything To Know About Milkmaid Braids
How To Make A Milkmaid Braids In 15 Steps
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How To Make A Milkmaid Braids In 15 Steps
It may seem that it is very complicated or difficult to get the perfect Milkmaid Braid hairstyle. So, here is everything you need to know about milkmaid braids
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