2 Different Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail Like A Pro Stylist

Iconic Middle Part Ponytail – Images, Things You Need, Tips, Guide, Etc

10 Steps To Get Easy And Stylish Middle Part Ponytail In Few Minutes

Ponytail isn’t this hairstyle your favourite one? I don’t know about yours but it’s definitely mine because all you have to do is grab your hair back, tie it and you are ready to step out. You are party ready, date ready or casual day out ready within minutes.

All the fashionista’s would agree with me that a ponytail can make or break your look, style it with the right outfit and you are ready to shine. I am here with one more blog on ponytail – Middle Part Ponytail. I have also mentioned all the variations possible with hairstyle with complete steps that will guide you right.

Things you will need to make a Middle Part Ponytail

• Hair Comb
• Hair Brush
• Hair Ties
• Hair Clips or Bobby Pins
• Dry Shampoo
• Hair Spray
• Flowers, Ribbons or bows
• Styling Gel
• Hair Straightener or Hair Curler

Easy Steps to Make Middle Part Ponytail

Step 1: Using a Hair Brush detangle your hair properly to avoid bumps.
Step 2: To get rid of greasiness and get some volume use Dry Shampoo.
Step 3: Make a middle partition using a hair comb.
Step 4: Brush it again to get bump free Ponytail.
Step 5: Grab all your Hair backwards
Step 6: Secure it with a Hair Tie
Step 7: Using hair Clips or bobby pins fix the falling hair.
Step 8: Stretch the ponytail from the base to give an effect of thicker ponytail.
Step 9: Set it using a Hair Spray to keep it fresh all day.
Step 10: Use Ribbons, Flowers or Bows to add some chic look.

Middle Part Ponytail in Wrap Around Style

I am sure you must have read my earlier Blog on Wrap Around Ponytail which is one of the most elegant Ponytail type. Here in Middle Part Ponytail you can bring out an amazing variation by combining both of these hairstyles. Follow the steps I have mentioned below and get the right ponytail for you.

Step 1: Wash your hair to avoid greasiness.
Step 2: Condition it to make your hair soft and hydrated.
Step 3: Apply styling cream that will set your hairs.
Step 4: Using hair brushes create a regular Middle Part Ponytail using above steps.
Step 5: Use a flat hair tie to avoid bulging.
Step 6: Curl small section of the hair to wrap, you can also curl your ponytail.
Step 7: Wrap your ponytail at the base with small section of hairs.
Step 8: Use Hair Pins to secure the wrapped hair.
Step 9: Brush it again to give polished look.
Step 10: Use Hair Spray to set your ponytail.

Messy Middle Part Ponytail

As you know I have written many blogs on different styles of ponytail, one of them is Messy Ponytail. It’s one of my favourite quick and stylish hairstyle; here I have brought awesome variation in Middle Part Ponytail by making it in a Messy Ponytail Style. It may sound confusing and complicated but read steps mentioned below to get it right and flaunt it all day.

Step 1: Detangle your hair using Hair Brush.
Step 2: Apply some Dry Shampoo for extra volume.
Step 3: Use some hair Spray to set your hair.
Step 4: Make a Regular Middle Part Ponytail.
Step 5: Secure it with Hair tie.
Step 6: Take small section from your ponytail.
Step 7: Wrap it around the ponytail base. (Optional)
Step 8: Stretch your Ponytail and using your fingers set it free.
Step 9: Pull out some hair from the front to give it messy look.
Step 10: Use a Hair Spray again if need.

Styling Middle Part Ponytail with Right Outfits

Once you have figured out how you are supposed to make your hairstyle the question comes how to style it? Go for Style 1, Style 2 or Style 3 according to your preference and the event you styling it. Middle Part Ponytail looks great with any outfit that it is styled with. I have mentioned below few outfits that go amazingly well with this hairstyle.

Look 1: Style it with Off Shoulder Gowns and you will look stunning.
Look 2: Style it with Maxi Skirts for glamorous look.
Look 3: Style it with Tube Tops and you are ready to go.
Look 4: For a casual day out style Middle Part Ponytail with simple Tops and Denim.
Look 5: It is a perfect Hairstyle for date night.

Tips to follow While Making a Middle Part Ponytail

1. Go for this hairstyle on unwashed hair for better hold.
2. Use Dry Shampoo to avoid greasiness if needed.
3. Use extra Bobby Pins and Hair Spray to keep your hairstyle for longer time.
4. You can use some ribbons and bows for decoration and adding chic look.
5. Tease your hair for extra volume.
6. Use the hair tie and hair clip that matches your hair colour for finished look.
7. You can also make a Messy Bun at the base of the Double Side Ponytail.

Steps To Get Easy And Stylish Middle Part Ponytail In Few Minutes
Style Guide To Get Iconic Middle Part Ponytail To Rock Your Outfit
Iconic Middle Part Ponytail
2 Different Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail Like A Pro Stylist
2 Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail
2 Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail
2 Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail
2 Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail
2 Different Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail Like A Pro Stylist
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2 Different Ways To Style Middle Part Ponytail Like A Pro Stylist
All the fashionista’s would agree that a ponytail can make or break your look. Here we have a blog Middle Part Ponytail.
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