6 Fun And Cute Ways To Create A Messy Ponytail (With Videos)

Cool Messy Ponytail Hairstyle – Images, Steps, Tutorials, Styles, etc.

Messy hairstyle itself defines carefree attitude with lot of versatility in terms of fashion and style. You can rock this looks with curly or straight hair as you will need no extra efforts in styling it. In my earlier blogs I talked about many Ponytail hairstyles like High Ponytail, Wrap Around Ponytail, Low Ponytail, Bubble Ponytail and more. Today I would talk on Messy Ponytail which is most trendy ponytail across countries nowadays.

Messy Ponytail Updo

Grab all your hair backwards, tie it up and leave the house! This is all you have to do, to get your right messy ponytails for any occasion. This hairstyle has received lot of popularity because it’s very simple and easy to opt for on casual day outs and also rushed mornings. It completes your look without any extra efforts, it will definitely make you stand out in crowd.

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Things you need while making a Messy Ponytail

• Hair Brush
• Hair Ties
• Hair Clips
• Hair Spray
• Dry Shampoo

Messy Ponytail Step by Step

Step 1: Detangle your hair using Hair Brush.
Step 2: Apply some Dry Shampoo for extra volume.
Step 3: Use some hair Spray to set your hair.
Step 4: Make a Regular ponytail.
Step 5: Secure it with Hair tie.
Step 6: Take small section from your ponytail.
Step 7: Wrap it around the ponytail base.
Step 8: Secure it with hair clips.
Step 9: Pull out some hair from the front to give it messy look.
Step 10: Use a Hair Spray again if need.

Messy Ponytail Tutorial

Making a messy ponytail is very easy if you follow the steps I mentioned above but if you still have any confusion related to it here is a video on how to make it. Video is made in very simple and easy language that will make it more convenient for you to understand it properly.

Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

Messy Ponytail Hairstyles include all the variation you can bring in this hairstyle with difference in its position or making style. Let me make the point more clear so that y’all understand it better. Well, here while you are making a Messy ponytail you can opt for Messy High Ponytail, Messy Low Ponytail, Braided Messy Ponytail any many more such variations. You can go for any one according to the occasion you want to style it.

Messy Ponytail with Bangs

Bangs with ponytail is one of the best combination ever made, it not only gives you chic look but also enhances your personality. Here you can do many changes and bring out variation in this hairstyle by styling your bangs. This hairstyle will not only update and modify your face shape but also upgrade it. A well textured and good hair length messy ponytail with bangs will go well for any occasion.

Messy ponytail with extensions

If your hair length is short or you have thin hair all you need to do is opt for Hair Extensions. It will not only give you long hair impression but also give you awesome volume needed for a perfect Messy Ponytail. For this you have to firstly comb your hair properly and get rid of tangles completely. Make horizontal partitions starting from the top to bottom and keep adding the hair extensions as per your hair type and preference. After you are done with it, opt for a regular Messy Ponytail as mentioned above.

Messy Ponytail for Short Hair

Short hair always creates problem while going for a hairstyles that have braids or twisting associated with it. Here nothing as such is involved so you can easily go for a Messy Ponytail with Short hair too. Follow the steps below and get your desired ponytail.

Step 1: Detangle your hair.
Step 2: Use some Dry Shampoo to get rid of greasiness.
Step 3: Start from your crown area to back comb.
Step 4: If you dint get desired result, use hair spray before back combing.
Step 5: Using a comb polish the upper portion of hair for perfect finish.
Step 6: Gather all your hair back and make a ponytail at a position you decided.
Step 7: Take small section and wrap it over your hair tie.
Step 8: Pull out some hair around your face to get messy look.
Step 9: Stretch your ponytail to give an illusion of thick and voluminous hair.
Step 10: Set your Messy Ponytail with Hair Spray.

Tips to make perfect Messy Ponytail

1. Try to opt for Messy ponytail on unwashed hair for better hold.
2. For finished look use hair clips and hair ties that match your hair colour.
3. Braiding your hair with Messy Ponytail is great option.
4. If your hair is greasy use dry shampoo.
5. Make sure you start your Messy Ponytail after your dry shampoo is absorbed properly.
6. Watch videos or info graphics for better understandings of the hairstyle.
7. Go for the right messy ponytail style keeping into consideration the occasion you are styling it.
8. Leaving out bangs is completely your choice as it is not necessary to go for it.
9. Make sure that the hair extension matches your natural hair colour.
10. Tease your hair for extra volume.

Simple Guide To Make A Messy Ponytail In Minutes
Cool Messy Ponytail Hairstyle – Images, Steps, Tutorials, Styles, etc
10 Tips To Master The Messy Ponytail In No Time!
6 Ways To Create A Messy Ponytail
6 Ways To Create A Messy Ponytail
6 Ways To Create A Messy Ponytail
6 Ways To Create A Messy Ponytail
6 Fun And Cute Ways To Create A Messy Ponytail (With Videos)
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6 Fun And Cute Ways To Create A Messy Ponytail (With Videos)
Messy hairstyle itself defines carefree attitude with lot of versatility in terms of fashion and style. Here we have simple guide to make a messy ponytail in minutes.
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