6 Elegant And Chic Ways You Can Style Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Low Ponytail Hairstyles – Things You Need, Steps, Tips, Videos, etc

6 Elegant And Chic Ways You Can Style Low Ponytail Hairstyle

I am very sure you are aware about ponytails but here I am particularly talking about Low Ponytail. It is one of the most stylish and versatile hairstyle available for all lengths. It gives your updo great charm and it also adds color to your look. Low Ponytail can be styled in infinite number of ways all you need to do is figure out the right one for you. Today I will be guiding you through all the aspects, steps and styling of a Low Ponytail. I am also sure that after reading this blog you will master the art of getting the Low Ponytail right and perfect with its right styling.

Things you will need to make Low Ponytail

Hair Brush
Hair Comb
• Hair ties
• Hair clips or bobby pins
Hair Spray
• Ribbons or bow (Optional)
• hair straightener or hair curler (Optional)

messy ponytail

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How to make Low Ponytail

Step 1: Using a hair brush properly detangle all the hair to avoid bumps.
Step 2: Brushing your hair from the front bring all the hairs backwards.
Step 3: Hold all your hair low your head over your neck area.
Step 4: Keep brush your hair with one hand and hold the hair for pony in other this will avoid bumps if any.
Step 5: Secure it on the right placement with a hair tie.
Step 6: Use some hair clips or bobby pins to fix your falling hair.
Step 7: Stretch your hair from the ponytail base to add some texture to your hair.
Step 8: If you want straight hair or curly hair use a hair straightener or hair curler to get your desired Low Ponytail look.
Step 9: Spray some hair spray to hold your hairstyle throughout the day and also keep it fresh.
Step 10: Use some ribbons or bows to get a chic look.

Low Ponytail without bumps

Many of you complain that you end up with bumps when you opt for Low Ponytail, well I will suggest brushing your hair thoroughly and get rid of your hair flowing back and also hair tangles. While going for it is not necessary to always keep brushing your hair but while holding your hair low near the start of your neck with a hair brush this will help in getting smooth look.

Low Ponytail without hairspray

Many of you must be under the impression that using a hairspray can damage your hair thus you must be trying to avoid using it many times. Well if you want Low Ponytails without hairspray all you need to do is grab all your messy and unwashed hair and tie a Low Ponytail, put an alligator hair clip under the hair tie and cover it with spreading your hair all over it, make sure the hair clip is not visible. Voluminous, messy and good textured Low Ponytail is what you will get as a result.

low ponytail model's look

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Low Ponytail in Wrap Around Style

We all like variations and thus try to bring out new variations in many things that we are associated to. Well a variation with your regular Low Ponytails will give you a reason to go for it. For a simple new variation all you need to do is make a regular Low Ponytail Secure it with hair tie take a small section of hair and wrap it around you ponytail base over your hair tie.

Low ponytail with Braid

Low Ponytail and Braids is a one of the best combination to go for. Here are few hairstyles that can help you to flaunt your look.
• Low Ponytails with Fishtail Braid.
• Half Braided Low Ponytail.
• Low Ponytails with Upside braid.
• Side Braid with Low Ponytail.
• Messy Low Ponytail with lace Braid.

Low Ponytail with bangs

It is always advisable to go for changes and when it comes to changing your hairstyle it’s great. What can be best than going for bangs! It not only adds glamour to your look but also allows you to experiment variety of looks for different occasion and events. This hairstyle with bangs is a very cute combination if styled with the right outfit (people won’t take their eyes out of you.

Low Ponytail for Prom

You must be thinking which hairstyle will go best with your prom night outfit. Well don’t worry when you have Low Ponytail as timeless option as it will complement your look in all possible ways. All you need to do is figure out which style of Low Ponytails you would like to opt for, a Wrap Around Ponytail, Low Ponytails with a braid or with bangs. Once you are done with the hairstyles and outfits something that will enhance your look is the right Makeup.

Low Ponytail for different Face Shapes

All can’t go for the same ponytail style with different face types. Better understand your face shape and go for the one to avoid disappointments. Sometimes it looks weird to go for the Ponytail that doesn’t go well with your face structure.
1. Middle partitioned front hair with Low Ponytails goes well if you have a square shaped face.
2. Try for side braided Low Ponytail if you have oval shaped face.
3. Wrap around Low Ponytails are best for women with diamond shaped face.
4. If you have a round shaped face try to go for Low Ponytails with side partitioned front hair.
5. Go for Low Ponytails with bangs if you have heart shaped face.

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Elegant And Chic Ways You Can Style Low Ponytail Hairstyle
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Chic Ways You Can Style Low Ponytail Hairstyle
Chic Ways You Can Style Low Ponytail Hairstyle
Guide To An Easy Low Ponytail For A Lazy Day At Home
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Guide To An Easy Low Ponytail For A Lazy Day At Home
Here we have 6 elegant and chic ways you can style low ponytail hairstyle. After reading this blog you will master the Low Ponytail hairstyle
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