6 Really Dope Loafers You Need To Know Right Know

Loafer is a footwear with no lacing, low and closed toe. It is a casual shoe with variety of designs and color. Recently it has gained a lot of popularity as it is one of the most comfortable, stylish and trendy shoes every women loves to go for. Loafers have elastic inserts at the side that allows it to be worn and removed easily. It comes along with tassels or metal decorations; you can style it according to your preference and choice.

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6 Must Have Loafers For Every Women

1. Slip on Loafers

Slip on loafers as the name suggests is type of loafer were in there is no lacing you just slip in the foot. It is a closed toe shoes with low cut, perfect for sporty women. It is available in formal as well as casual style you may opt for any as per the occasion you want to pair it with. It is very comfortable and relaxing while walking in slip on loafers. It is very stylish and elegant you should surely opt for.

2. Penny Loafer

Penny loafer is a type of loafer that comes with decorative leather strip on upper. It is a casual slip on shoes that gives you a classic look. It is one of the footwear types that become popular across countries. It comes with a variety of color options, materials, designs and styles. It is features high quality upper material, cushioned insole, slip on fit and gripped sole. It is very versatile as it is idle formal as well as casual wear.

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3. Tassel Loafer

Tassel loafer is a loafer style that comes along with tuft of treads knotted or cord loosely hanged on the upper of the loafer. Tassels are used as a decoration for the shoes, making it unique and stylish. It is versatile as it can be dressed with formal attire for a meeting and with casual outfit for casual affair. It adds glamour and elegance to any look it is styled with. Tassel loafer is specially designed with high quality material, unique design and amazing style.

4. Bit Loafers

Bit loafers are loafers that have a brass strap bit on the upper. Originally the bit used was in the shape of a snaffle bit now a day’s bit shape varies from brand to brand and designs to styles. It is a classic loafer with high quality upper, non-skid rubber sole, color options and covered foot bed. It is idle for long working hours and long walks. It can be styled in many ways all you need is a good pair of bit loafer and amazing outfit from your wardrobe.

5. Driving Loafers

Driving loafer as the name says it all is a specially designed loafer for best grip and comfort while driving. It avoids the risk of slipping or losing the grip while driving that may lead to accidents. It is very easy to fit in driving loafer as it comes with elastic or Velcro straps vamp that allows easy put on and offs. It is not only used for driving but also as fashion footwear. It can be style in various ways but all you need to know is the recent fashion trends and color combinations.

6. Moccasin loafers

Moccasin loafer is a type of loafer with soft material upper, sometimes with extra fabric attached to the vamp. It has a soft and flexible sole that gives you best comfort and fit. It features texture, breathable, firm grip, padded insole and soft upper. It protects against skin from skin injuries like skid, bacterial and fungal problems. It can be style with any causal outfit for any occasion. It gives you stylish and trendy look that you may flaunt all day.

6 Really Dope Loafers You Need To Know
6 Really Dope Loafers You Need To Know Right Know
6 Really Dope Loafers You Need To Know Right Know.
6 Really Dope Loafers You Need To Know Right Know!
6 Really Dope Loafers You Need To Know Right Know
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6 Really Dope Loafers You Need To Know Right Know
Here are the 6 really dope loafers which match almost every outfit in your wardrobe and will make your friends envy you.
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