How to Wear a Lehenga According to Your Body Type

A Lehenga is a popular skirt that is worn by brides and women in India and it can be styled and designed in various ways. Although the Lehenga is a common outfit there is no specific way to wear it. You must know how to dress to the Lehenga according to your body shape to look elegant. Whether you are wearing it as an Indian bride or you are a guest at an Indian wedding know how to dress to your Lehenga outfit. Since everyone has their unique body frame and the Lehenga has evolved in too many designs. It is best to know what suits your body frame and how to make the Lehenga complement your body. Below are some tips you can borrow on how best to wear a Lehenga if you are short, tall or want to look slimmer.

Wearing a Lehenga for tall women

Amidst every group of women in a family, there are tall women. Hence if you are bridesmaids to the bride the tips the tall women need is not similar to the short women. Although there are many ways to dress to a Lehenga. Such as the crop top lehengas for different occasions, the kurta Lehenga, Kurti Lehenga, Dhoti Lehenga among many others. Tall women should be able to know what works for them and what does not. Wearing the Lehenga wrongly may make you appear shorter or taller making your whole look horrible. Some of the things to consider that are great for tall women are heavy patterns that have large motifs on them with thick borders that create a stunning visual. Additionally, do not drape your dupatta if you have worn a top to match your Lehenga that is heavily embroidered to avoid covering the top. Tall women do also wear heels, but kitten heels are the best for a Lehenga look. Because it will help the skirt fall and make it look better even with that small heel in comparison to wearing flats. Choose different Lehenga designs like the indo-western ones if the traditional ones are not working for you. Have one designed for you and pair with a well-embroidered jacket it is always a perfect look for tall women. You can also go for a monochromatic look that most tall women shy from and yet they are elegant on them.

Wearing a Lehenga to look slimmer

When you are a plus-size woman and would love to look slimmer in your Lehenga outfit. The good news is that it is possible. First and foremost, having known your body type it becomes easier to dress accordingly and your designer can help you achieve the results you want by recommending colors and type of lehengas that work for you. One, a flared skirt is perfect for a bottom-heavy woman and create the needed balance of your Lehenga attire. Choose dark colors rather than the bright ones for they have a better effect to create a slimming illusion. Have a pair of heels for they help a lot to create the illusion of height. Plus, select a Lehenga with a small pattern for large patterns to make your body look wider. Adding a dupatta that is heavy on this Lehenga look and draping it across your body creates a slimming effect on your silhouette.

Wearing a Lehenga for short women

Readymade lehengas are made in model sizes and therefore they most times do not fit the short women perfectly as they do the tall women. Hence shopping for lehengas on off the rack stores is a boring affair for you rarely find a perfect fit. The solution to this is you can find a designer to make one for your size or consider various shopping tips that will help you find a suitable Lehenga for your height. Some of the ways to create an illusion of height as you adorn to a Lehenga are of course wear heels to add some inches to your height and ensure your Lehenga is not sweeping the floor. A skirt that is made of light colors with vertical pleats is the way to go to make you look taller. The pleats and colors both add the illusion of height and have a visual effect of making the fabric look longer. Choose a short blouse to make your stomach look longer and you taller. While a Lehenga with a short border other than a wider border ensures that you look taller. Short people can also drape a dupatta on their Lehenga but the trick is it should be draped over one shoulder ensuring the front piece is shorter than the back piece. Remember to tie the skirt as a high waist and make the most of it instead of allowing it to sweep the floor and look like your drowning in it.

Wearing a Lehenga for athletic and hourglass body types

Some women are neither tall or short or slim or plump but have average body types such as athletic and hourglass body types that too have to be well dressed in a Lehenga to avoid going over the top or becoming underdressed. The athletic body type in most cases it has minimal or no curves. Hence the width of the waist and shoulders are similar making you have a rectangular body frame. To create an illusion of curves on such a body type wear a corset and off-shoulder blouse that is tight-fitting at the waist to bring out a curvy shape. While the hourglass body shape that is the envy of most women there is no much to shift like to look slimmer or plumper. However, it is good that you flaunt your curves perfectly through the Lehenga by choosing the right design for this figure like the fishtail cut Lehenga design. Altogether become aware of your body type and dos and don’ts of how to dress it well to avoid having a wardrobe malfunction as you attend one of the many weddings as the season heats up.