How to do a Brazilian Wax?

If you have been wanting to wax yourself the Brazilian way without going to a professional salon, you will need this advice. Congratulations on the brave decision because Brazilian waxing is prone to errors at home due to a lack of proper safety precautions. And your hair removal session may not end up well for you.

Sounds scary?

Do not worry! Here I am to guide you on how to do a perfect Brazilian wax without the pain and the stress or without the need to head to the ER post-waxing. Safety is always my priority universally applicable to all my beauty tips and it should be yours as well.

Now let us dive into the good stuff!

What is a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxing helps you get rid of your body hair in intimate areas. The process involves removing hair from your private body parts with wax.

This was initially started when women in Brazil began wearing fancy beach thong bikinis and wanted all their pubic hair completely taken off of its roots. The thongs were more revealing and getting all the hair down there removed amped up the aesthetics.

Now if you are confused between a Brazilian and a bikini wax, let us clear that up first. This is to ensure that there are no doubts about what to expect in the Brazilian wax procedure.

A regular bikini is a little more modest compared to a thong panty. It offers more coverage to your bottoms. So, a bikini wax is designed to only take off the hair visible near the outer seams of the bikini panty. In contrast, a Brazilian thong exposes more of your rear and frontal genital areas.

So, it essentially needs to eliminate all the hair from the entire pubic region, including the hair on the inside of your thighs. It is way more elaborate, in other words!

However, having a stranger from a salon wax your genital area can cause a lot of discomfort. Also, the hurt and pain of having your hair pulled out from such a sensitive spot on your body adds to the awkwardness, especially if you are a beginner!

We will help you save the embarrassment and explain the exact to-dos for a safe and smooth Brazilian wax. We took what we learned from multiple miserable Brazilian wax experiences to compile the guide below.

Skin Prep to Do a Brazilian Wax The Right Way 

There is some initial prep needed before you get to the actual Brazilian waxing process. Make sure you do not skip this at any cost.

Assess and numb your pain. 

First things first, you must be aware of your pain tolerance, and this is non-negotiable. Whether you are a beginner or not, it helps you to be mentally ready for the procedure.

We suggest popping a painkiller like Ibuprofen an hour before you start waxing yourself off in case your tolerance levels are low. For crybabies, a topical anesthetic/numbing cream like 4 percent lidocaine will also help a great deal if you apply it an hour or so in advance.

Another tip to further numb the pain is to slather the lidocaine cream and cover yourself up with a chilled cling film or saran wrap. This also helps with easier pulling of the hair from its roots without the excruciating agony.

Know your menstrual cycle dates.

It is crucial for you to keep track of your monthly menstrual cycle before you prepare to wax the Brazilian way. Most women deal with a reduced pain threshold during menstruation. So, if you have extreme sensitivity to pain during the week before the onset of your periods, it is advisable to reschedule your Brazilian waxing session.

Exfoliate beforehand

This is done to take off your dead skin and prevent ingrown hair post-waxing. Remember to be gentle with exfoliation to avoid ripping or damaging your natural skin barrier. Use a mild, soothing, sugar-based physical scrub that does not clog your pores the night before your waxing routine.

Also, remember to avoid laser treatments and ditch any actives like retinol or vitamin C on your skin before or after you exfoliate.

How to Ace Brazilian Waxing?

Congratulations! You have won half the battle by learning how to manage your pain when it hurts a lot. Once you are done prepping, it is time to start Brazilian waxing. You can do this!

All you will need is a mirror to reach for difficult areas, a wax warmer, a clean spatula, a gentle, neutral cleanser for your intimate region, and good quality, sterile waxing strips or hard wax.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, it is always ideal to use a premium quality hard wax. It is firm, applies smoothly, and easily takes off dense pubic hairs without causing any irritation. A good hard wax has a lower melting point and even gets all the fine hair growth near the bikini line. So, it is the way to go for effortless, painless Brazilian waxing that does not give you burns.

You can use waxing strips with soft wax if you are on a budget and have a decent pain threshold. However, we only suggest using hard wax for Brazilian wax as it is best effective against coarse pubic hair. And the entire process is way more manageable and effective.

We can help you out if you are confused about which products to use for starters. At, you will find all your pre and post-waxing care essentials, too.

Doing a Successful Brazilian Wax

First, we recommend slightly trimming your hair before you start waxing down there if there is a lot of bushy hair growth. Also, do not cut them too short and leave them close to one-fourth inches of hair for the procedure to take care of.

Next, use your preferred gentle pre-care hygiene product, ideally a gentle soap, to rinse your genital area and pat it dry. You can then dust a generous amount of body powder to absorb excess moisture. This ensures the wax sticks properly to your hair and uproots all of it in one pass.

You may use a pair of gloves if you feel a bit squeamish about executing the procedure yourself for the first time.

At a salon or an esthetician’s clinic, you are generally asked to butterfly both your legs. It means you are expected to spread out your legs and join the bottom of your feet while being in a sleeping position facing upwards, with your body facing the ceiling of the room.

However, finding the best visible position at home can be a little tricky at first. That is when the mirror comes in handy. The wax warmer works great to maintain the right consistency of the hard wax at all times, so invest in a good one.

We cannot emphasize this enough – do a quick patch test of the hot wax on your inner wrist, no matter how pressed for time you are. Well, on a side note, do not even try Brazilian waxing if you do not have ample time on hand and if you are not home alone! You will need both 🙂

It is now time to start applying the moderately hot hard wax in the direction of your hair growth while keeping your skin nice and tight. You go from inwards to outwards, gradually covering your complete pubic area with the hard wax.

Make sure you do not shy away from using a generous helping of the wax and apply a thick layer of it down there. The next step is to wait for a minimum of 30 seconds for the layer of hard wax to harden up a bit so that it has a tight grasp on all your pubic hair.

After about half a minute, all the pesky bad boys are ready to be ripped. Before pulling them off in the direction of your hair growth, keep your skin tightly stretched to minimize the pain and facilitate smooth hair removal.

Keep repeating the ripping process till all the hairs are gone. You may accidentally leave some of them out, so be sure to pluck them with a pair of tweezers. It is going to hurt a bit, but these are the last remaining bits before you start feeling like an absolute queen. Trust us, it will instill a great sense of accomplishment.

And there you have it! A polished, smooth, and immaculate pubic region is achieved at home for you to flaunt your best high-cut bikinis and stylish Brazilian beachwear. Go look like a goddess now, and thank us later!