How To Choose Swimwear That Suits Your Body Shape

It is no secret that choosing the best swimwear is a little tricky. The challenge is to choose one that is durable, stylish and fashionable, and one that matches the occasion. A swimwear that makes you look descent, one the shows off what you wish to accentuate and hides what you prefer to keep hidden.  The search becomes even more frustrating and time consuming when you have to consider the body shapes and types, loose and cellulite skin and other factors.

Below is an easy guide to help you choose a swimwear that is flattering to your body to give you confidence in your sexy.


  • Small busted


If you are small busted you want to emphasize your toned tummy, shoulders or body; you want swimwear that draws attention from away from your bust line.  Therefore it is best to go for light padded bikinis with a clean triangle that provides good support or a high-necked top. Rocking a beautifully colored bikini can with shoulder ties, twists or knots in the design can alter your proportions and draw attention to other areas of your body.


  • Pear shaped


Pear shaped individuals always struggle when it comes to finding swimwear styles that fit. The attire will either fit your hips or be loose on the top or vice versa.  If you have this body shape the trick is to buy a suit that accentuates your small waist and hides your full hips. A working solution is to mixing and matching tops and bottoms. Swimwear with embellishments around your bustline put emphasis above and balance your overall shape. Online shopping sites for instance sell bandeau tops and tankinis with twisted tops which are also a great solution. 


  • Big chested ladies


It is hard to find a single suit that work for you if you have a big burst. A solution might be to try mixing and matching separates if you have on that fits. Alternatively, you can buy structured swimwear with bandage material that offers stretch and support.


  • Athletic build


If you have a rigid and athletic body, go for swimwear that add style and curvy femininity. For instance go for a suit with gathers in the bust and hips, colourful boy shorts and a twisted top. Another alternative is an asymmetrical one strap style swimwear options. You can also try black around the cups to add shape and detail.


  • Plus size


Go for sexy and practical swimwear if you have this body type. Great option would be high waisted bikinis. Add vertical or diagonal line colours to create an illusion of a slim body. Try a swim wear with central knots or gathering around the waist to draw focus and ad slim waist line. Don’t buy swimwear with large prints, instead buy those with less prints with diagonal shapes or vertical lines to help crate and hourglass shape.


Buying the best swimwear takes time, patience and insight. Try on many suits before deciding on one. If you are buying in an online shop like, consider the material and style to begin the process of finding the best swimwear that is durable. The above mentioned tips will help you find one that is perfect for your body shape.