14 Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit

14 Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit

Heels are an abbreviation used for high heel footwear. It raises the wearer’s foot heel that rises than the toe. Heels are used to get the illusion of long and slender legs. It has variable heel length and styles with smallest heel length to the longest heel length shoes. Heels are basically outdoor footwear idle for any casual or formal occasion. It gives you stylish and elegant look you can flaunt all say with ease.

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14 Must Have Heels for Every Women

1. Kitten Heels

Kitten heel is the shortest heel with approximately 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches heel length. It is the most comfortable heel as it does not need any effort to manage and walk in it. Kitten heel is best for those who cannot carry high heels and have the risk of ending up with leg twists and cramps. It is idle for women with any age, height and foot type.

2. Stilettos Heels

Stilettos heel is a type with maximum heel length that goes up to 8 inches. It needs skills and practice to carry this heel type as it have high risk of ending up falling, leg cramps, slipping off, and twists. Not all can walk in it efficiently as it needs efforts to get comfortable walking in it. Stilettos heel is one of the most elegant and stylish heel type that goes well with any outfit it is styled with.

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3. Wedge Heels

Wedge heel is a type with same material used as the sole and heel making it high heeled footwear.  Mainly the heel is made up of rubber or wood for best grip. The upper of wedge heel varies as per the designs and styles some popular styles are flip flop style, sandal style, espadrille style, ballet style, sneaker style and boot style. It can be paired with many outfits in variety of styles to get chic look.

4. Cone Heels

Cone heel as the name suggests forms a cone like shape resembling an ice-cream cone. It is narrow at the bottom and broader at the sole, making it comfortable to walk. Cone heels have different upper styles and designs made up of high quality materials.  It is in the list of the recent fashion trends as it gives you elegant look if styled efficiently. It goes completely well with any attire you style it with.

5. Platform Heels

Platform heel is a type with thicker sole towards the front (that is below the toe) reducing the height difference between the back and the front of the foot. It is available in variety of upper designs and styles to enhance the look. It is very versatile as it can be styled with both formals and casuals giving elegant and stylish look that can be flaunt all day.

6. Cork Heels

Cork heel is a type made up of a specific material obtained from cork oak tree. It gives you soft and comfortable walking experience. Cork heel features cushioned insole, gripped outsole, and variety of upper material, colors, styles and designs. It can be styled with any formal outfit and casual attire keeping in mind the recent fashion trends. It gives you classic and elegant look that suits you.

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7. Spool Heels

Spool heel is a type that resembles hourglass, narrow at the center and wide at the bottom and top. It is very comfortable while walking as it has broader bottom that allows you to have better grip. It also feature soft, padded insole, high quality vamp material, resist skin problems, variety of styles and designs available. It is very popular among women and can be styled with any outfit for any occasion.

8. Chunky Heels

Chunky heel is a type with broader heel basically in the shape of a square. It is high heel footwear but is very comfortable as it lowers the risk of falling, slipping of, twisting the leg or getting muscle cramps. Chunky heels are available in various upper styles. It effortlessly goes well with any outfit it is styled with. It gives you chic look that you will love to flaunt all day.

9. Corset Heels

Corset heel is a type with two side of the upper tied together. It is one of the sexiest heels women can opt for. It has variety of heel lengths and styles depending upon the brand and designs. Corset heel also come with variety of upper materials, color options, best craftsmanship, comfort, cushioned insole and breathability. It can be styled with variety of outfits you want to go for while keeping in mind the fashion trends.

10. Slip on Heels

Slip on heel is low cut closed toe footwear with variable heel style and length. It has no closure all you need to do is slip in your foot directly to put on and off the heel. There is no limitations of the heel length as it may vary from brands to brands and also according to designs and styles. It is available in various colors and materials that gives you a change to style it with variety of attires.

11. Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heel is a type with an opening at the toe box through which the toe is visible. It has variety of upper styles and variable heel length and styles. It is idle for women with any age, height or foot type to flaunt the chic look all day. Peep toe heel can be styled with formals for meeting and with casuals for any casual affair.

12. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heel have single or multiple strap crossing the ankle that is attached to the sole. It have buckle closure, zip closure, button closure or elastic strap closure that hold on the foot. Ankle strap heel have no defined heel size or style it can vary as per the designs. It can be styled as formal footwear or casual footwear according to your choice and outfits from your wardrobe.

13. Pump Heel

Pump heel is a closed toe type with low cut front. It is available in many heel lengths and styles from short to high heel length. It features variety of designs, upper material, cushioned insole, best gripped outsole and various color options. Styling it is very easy as it goes well with any outfit you pick from your wardrobe. It provides good comfort and also give stylish and trendy look.

14. Sling Back Heels

Sling back heels come with straps that cross the foot and rest at the back on the ankle heel. It is one of the most unique designs with variable heel length. It features griped sole, cushioned insole, variety of color options, comfortable and breathable. It can be styled with any casual or formal attire from your closet to shine out all day. It also avoids the risk of leg twists and cramps.

Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit
14 Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit
14 Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit.
14 Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit!
14 Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit
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14 Adorable Heels To Complete Your Outfit
These 14 adorable heels will make you the center of attraction wherever you go whether it’s a party of any other function.
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