Using One Hair Brush for Everything? Time to Change That

When it comes to makeup, your look will be as perfect as the brushes you use. It is because of this that you buy premium makeup brushes. And, the same rule applies to hair as well.To get the perfect looking hair, you need to have the right hair brush. There are different hair brushes for various purposes available in the market.

But, do you know which one is suitable for your hair type?

Or are you using one hair brush for everything?

It may seem like a trivial task to choose the right hair brush. It is the beauty accessory that you’re supposed to use every single day. So, choosing the right hair brush is the best thing you’ll ever do for your hair.

Here are some of the hairbrushes which will ease your hair styling and grooming process:

  • Round Brushes

A round brush enables you to add volume and curl your hair.There are different diameter of round brushes available. With a smaller diameter, you will get tighter curls. Also, the bristles of this brush give your hair a great shiny and voluminous look.Mostly available in round or vented round shapes.

  • Paddle Brushes

If you want an essential go-to brush for everyday use, paddle hair brushes are the right option. This hair brush is perfect for taming unruly hair of every length. You can groom and straighten your hair quickly with this brush. It also helps get rid of the frizz in your hair and give it a sleek look. If you are hoping for salon-like blown out hair at home every day, you should use a paddle brush and get an effortless look.

  • Cushion Brushes

Are you tired of your static and frizz-prone hair? Do you suffer from hair fall every time you brush your hair? The solution for such a situation is a cushion hair brush. With a rubber pad and the nylon tips, you can easily combat static and make your hair look silky smooth. These nylon bristles easily penetrate the hair and massage the scalp. They reduce tangles and are great for styling.

  • Vented Brushes

A vented brush accelerates the blow-drying process. The vents allow the air to circulate at hair root level while drying and help create texture in the hair.You will find a vented brush to be the best hair brush as it enables faster drying process. And that, in turn, prevents your hair from heat damage. You can experiment with different hairstyles everyday by spending less time drying your hair.

  • Straightening Brushes

Are you fond of straightening your beautiful tresses but do not have time to visit the salon? A straightening brush is the perfect salon replacement. This unique brush enables you to straighten your hair while running the brush root to end. You can try different hairdos with your perfect silky smoothened hair using this hair brush.

  • Detangling Brushes

If you are looking for a brush that is gentle enough to use on your delicate strands, you should opt for detangling brushes. Your hair is the most vulnerable in its wet state. A detangling brush will not pull, tug or snug your damp hair. It will flatten your wet hair without causing breakage, which makes it ideal for all hair types.

  • Flat Brushes

If you have short hair then choose Vega Flat brushes. They are ideal for daily styling of hair that require body and volume. These brushes are designed to smoothen , shape and polish all hair lengths and textures. Ball tipped nylon bristles gently massage the scalp and help in detangling. Mostly available in rectangle shape.

  • Compact Brushes

When on the go , you must have a compact brush with you. Compact brushes are easy to carry, fit in your bag and are available in a variety of bristle types for fast and gently brushing.

Use Different Hair Brushes for Various Purposes

To look your best at all times, you should make use of different hair brushes. It enables easy styling for great natural-looking hair. With so many hair brushes, you can experiment with new looks daily. You can find best hair brushes at brand Vega which offers a wide range of premium quality hair brushes. You can choose the best hair brush as per your requirement.

Now, style your hair differently everyday with ease!