Explore The Difference Between Body Mists and Perfumes

How Different are Body Mists from Perfumes? find out with us in this Blog

We Style Up to look the best of ourselves because of which we very carefully choose the outfits, accessories and footwears that can do the job perfectly. But apart from that fragrance also can create a huge impact on your first impression on the people with and around you. 

Smelling Good can be a great game changer and today there are N number of varieties in fragrance available for you in the market from which many might be known to us as body mists and perfumes but are these fragrances same? If not then what’s the difference between them? Let’s see in this blog

Difference Between Body Mists and Perfumes

Fragrance Concentration and Longevity

Body Mists contain more water and alcohol and less amount of fragrance oils around only 3 – 5 % which makes their fragrance light but last only for a few hours. Perfumes on the other hand have a high amount of fragrance oil around 20 – 30% which not only makes them strong fragrance wise but also perfumes last for longer hours. 

When To Use What ?

A Body Mist is perfect to use on casual days so you can touch up whenever required but can be considered even for a formal setting. Use of Perfume is recommended for a more long and important day like when you have a meeting or a wedding to attend or any formal setting or a party to attend.


Categories Body Mists and Perfumes 

You can find Body Mists in the categories of fragrances like woody, floral, Fruity Aquatic. Perfumes are categorised as per their fragrance concentration. Perfume or Parfum, Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Collagène, Eau Fraîche, Perfume Oil these are categories that range from high fragrance concentration to low fragrance concentration.

Types Of Perfumes ---- Types of Body Mists

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Presentation & Prices of Body Mists and Perfumes

Bottles of Body Mists are larger in size with a lighter fragrance concentration so they cost a little less than perfumes. Perfumes are presented in small bottles and a very elegant and sophisticated packaging having high fragrance concentration which is why they are quite expensive. 

Popular Body Mists that you can checkout

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Popular Perfumes that you can checkout

Body Mists or Perfumes at the end choice depend on occasion, use, personal preferences, price range. Both have different levels of fragrance concentration which also categorises their usage. Let us know about your favorite fragrances and what would you prefer. Thanks for reading.

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