Bandana In Hair-How To Style Bandana This Summer

Bandanas can totally upgrade your style and turn your boring and basic look into a stylish one. This pretty little piece of fabric is so versatile that you can use it in so many amazing ways.You can wear a bandana around your neck or wrist or in the hair. No matter what you choose, we’re sure it will add an edge to your style.

Also do you know what the best part is? Bandanas are available in a variety of colors,patterns and designs. You can opt for any depending on your choice and preference!

In this blog today, we’ll show you the different ways to style a bandana in hair. Whether you leave your hair open or tie it up in a bun here’s everything you’ll know about how and what to do with a bandana. And don’t you worry because we promise, these are easy to style and will surely bring some volume and add to the prettiness of your hair.

Here’s how you can style your bandana…

  • Ponytail

If you love tying your hair in a high or low ponytail then you must add a cute bandana to give your basic look an upgrade, just like here below!

Bandana In Hair- How to wear a Bandana

Image Source

  • Half Ponytail

Stuck between a full ponytail and leaving your hair open in the wild, then you must try the half ponytail bandana look.

  • Bandana around the bun/ Headband

On a lazy day, just put up your hair in a bun and style it with a trendy piece like this one or go for a headband look.

How To Rock a Bandana In Hair

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  • Open Hair Bandana Look

Let your hair open in the wild and protect it with this stylish hair accessory!

Let us know what you feel about these cool bandanas and how are you planning to style it? Do give it a shot because we’re sure you are going to love it! Also if you want to experiment with your look then you must try a bandana in hair this summer season.

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