A Comprehensive Guide to Shapewear – Why and How it Can Help

If you are looking for a little extra support, the chances are that you have heard of shapewear. But what is it exactly? Shapewear can be anything from an undergarment designed to slim and smooth the silhouette to tight-fitting clothing used in professional dance. Whatever your preference, there is something out there for everyone! In this article, we will explore the different types of shapewear, how they work, and why they may be right for you.

What is shapewear, and how does it work?

While many of us are probably familiar with the concept, shapewear is a type of undergarment that typically fits tightly to your body. It can be designed in different ways – from an uncomfortable spandex garment worn during exercise to static control innerwear for nighttime use. What they all have in common, though, is that they work by smoothing out lumps and bumps, giving you a smoother silhouette which often helps make clothing look better when it’s on top of them too.

Shapewear shapes the waistline, so garments hug closer without cutting into or digging into the skin (avoiding dreaded muffin tops), provides support while holding everything else together and makes clothes feel more comfortable – not constricting but helping them stay put where they belong.

Types of shapewear:


  • Briefs: these are low-rise, thin briefs that help smooth the silhouette. You can wear them under most clothing, and they’re a good choice for undergarments.
  • Body shaper: these are made of a thicker material but also offer shaping, control and support to the waistline. They work great with dresses that have no built-in shape or will help smooth out bumps in your skirt line. These shapers come in many styles and levels of compression for different needs (e.g., back support or slimming). For instance, you can find boobhold tape that helps you shape the bust while wearing deep neck dresses or tops.
  • Camisole: These are not as tight-fitting as body shapers, so they can be worn on their own without layers over them (though you may want some kind of slip underneath). What they do is keep things where you need them while covering up what needs to be covered – just don’t wear one if all you want is tummy tucking!
  • Corsets:


a type of outerwear that is usually worn as an undershirt to provide waistline shaping underneath clothing with a tighter fit around chest, ribs and back. It is better than other garments because it cinches them together while smoothing away bulges through embedded boning – they also have more elasticity so you can move freely without feeling constrained, which makes any clothes look better too!


  • Girdles: a type of underwear that is designed to flatten the stomach, and we find them in both undergarments and outerwear, they are often used by women who want to wear form-fitting clothes without their belly bulge showing – with a tight fit around chest, ribs, back and waistline it can be tricky for toilet breaks, but if you’re willing to put up with 20 minutes then these will do wonders for your figure.
  • Waist Cinchers: worn like an undershirt or over clothing on top of another shirt/blouse, this garment helps you look slimmer instantly while providing extra support on the tummy area; sometimes called “girdles” as well depending on where you buy from.


When should you opt for shapewear?

  • Event/Parties: If you are looking to wear something form-fitting, there is nothing better than shapewear. The extra layer helps smooth out your figure and show off the dress without any bulges that usually prevent a tight fit.
  • Every Day:

 If you have an hourglass shape but not as defined curves – like those in Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show ads – then shapewear will help enhance your silhouette for work or school where having bulky clothes can’t be avoided.

  • Dance/Exercise: What if we told you that shapewear was invented by dancers? Whether it is ballet or modern dance, wearing this type of clothing while on stage can make all the difference when it comes to body contouring and posture alignment.
  • Interviews: What if you are in an interview and need to look your best? You can instantly appear slimmer and more professional by wearing shapewear. To truly wow your appearance, try pairing your outfit with a drop waist skirt to accentuate that hourglass shape.

Tips for shopping for the perfect shapewear set:

What if you want to make sure that your shapewear has the right fit? What features should it have? What things are important to consider when shopping for a set of shapewear? Let us explore them all!

  • Measurements matter: 

Be sure to take measurements in different areas (waist circumference and hip circumference), so you can get a good idea of what will work best with the rest of your clothing selection. Measurement charts may also come in handy!

  • Know your target area: What part of your body are you trying to slim down? What is the shape that you want to be accentuated or concealed? Are there any areas that need smoothing out, such as thighs, stomachs, and backsides?
  • Include clothes in your search: What else will be worn with shapewear? What style best matches what you wear regularly, so it won’t look like a costume from another era when combined.
  • Think about coverage: How much do you need for all those curves and bumps on the way to hiding them away! Shapewear can also help cover up tattoos, scars, stretch marks and other things we may not enjoy being seen by others.
  • Know your shape: What body type are you? What is your waist size and hip size? What do you want to hide or accentuate the most with shapewear? Knowing this information helps you find the best shapewear for your body type.
  • Know your preferences: 

What do you like to wear? What kind of look are you going for when wearing shapewear? Are there any specific things that would need more or less coverage and support from a particular style? What about colour, print, pattern, lace-up vs zippers, etc.? All these factors should be considered before choosing which one is right!

  • Know what best suits your needs: What colour, style and fabric will work for people like me. What types of shapewear should I consider as well – such as a long-lasting undergarment that flattens tummies or something that can be worn out in public without being too noticeable


Every woman looks beautiful in a way that is uniquely her own and should be celebrated. So make sure you choose shapewear that will work best for your body type and lifestyle.