9 Savvy ways to wear a Blazer for Woman

Probably many have this mind-set that blazers are formal outfits only but one thing in this article will be clear today that blazers aren’t limited to being only for formal look. A blazer can do so much more to your look if you style it correctly

A piece of cloth that you thought could be used for formals can literally make even your street style look fashionable. This was just one way of wearing a blazer below there are many other ways mentioned to style a blazer so let’s quickly check them out.

9 Savvy ways to wear a Blazer for Woman

  • Black Blazers and neutral shade trousers

    Neutral Shades are best to try and experiment something and here black blazer being paired with neutral shade trousers could literally up you blazer style without any efforts.

  • Blazers with pleated skirts

    Pleated skirts are quite flattering so try experimenting some blazer looks with them. Like a neutral shade top teamed up with pleated skirt and layered with a Blazer.

Blazers with pleated skirts.

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  • Blazers and mini skirt outfit

    Skirts are so under rated like you see there can be done so much with them. Here is one outfit with mini skirt & a blazer. A simple top and mini skirt team will do great with a layer of blazer. Work on it with accessories like gold chains, earrings and shades.

  • Jeans and blazers the most preferred outfit

    Some women are not comfortable wearing formal trousers or probably they just don’t like wearing them. So for them jeans paired & shirt with blazer layering has most preferable outfit.

  • Flared jeans with Blazers on

    One cannot deny how comfortable flared Jeans are. And they are even for ones with pear or hourglass body and even for the women with thick thighs. Pull on your flared jeans with blazers on to get a wow blazer look.

  • A street style look Ripped Jeans and Blazers

    Most of us associate ripped jeans with street style fashion and that only Tees can be paired with it or sometimes statement tops.

    If you are looking for ideas to add a wow factor to your ripped jeans then I have got you one where you can pair a blazer over your shirt or statement top with a pair of ripped jeans

  • Body Suits with Blazers

    Body suits are versatile enough to go with everything you team it up with. So on days when you think of layering it, instead of your regular denim jacket this time go for a blazer. You will definitely love the look if you pair up the correct colors

  • Crop tops layered with blazers

    Are you someone who loves wearing crop tops and cannot resist it no matter what’s the weather outside? Well I have got you something for this.

    Simply wear a blazer over your crop top and see how kick-ass look you’ll get along with staying warm on breezy days.

  • Dresses styled with Blazers

    That one sexy dress that you have and you can’t resist it wearing again and again, but now you don’t want your monotonous look and want a look different with that same dress. A Blazer can help you to fix yourself in a look with that same dress.

    Layer your dress with a Blazer and accessorize it with a classy belt, and go for footwear like knee length boots.

I hope our article has helped you with styling your blazer and in creating a savvy look for yourself. Let us know what is your take on blazers and blazer styling. Don’t forget to share our article with your friends. We have also got some gorgeous hairstyles that you may love so dont miss on it, check it out. Thanks for reading