7 Timeless Chloé Designer Bags Worth Adding to Your Collection

When the likes of Emma Stone, Kendall Jenner, Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz, and January Jones show their love for a particular fashion brand, you can’t help but jump on the bandwagon and get something from that label, too.

At one point or another, these Hollywood stars have been spotted wearing clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories from Chloé, the French luxury fashion house. Some of these celebrities (and others more) are also self-confessed fans of this brand that they regularly ‘carry around’ and endorse pieces from their iconic collections.

If you pattern your fashion style after these celebrities, you definitely need to have one or two stylish pre-owned Chloé handbags in your collection to stay on-trend.

Chloé is one of the top luxury brands with an extensive fanbase from various parts of the world that come from different walks of life.

7 Must-Have Chloé Bags

If you’re wondering which Chloé bags you should add to your collection, you won’t go wrong with any of these options:

  • The Paddington

In 2001, Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo started creating a stronger, trendier line of leather goods for Chloé.

At that time, they came up with the Paddington, the first ‘it’ bag of Chloé. It was so popular back then that thousands manufactured in Spring 2005 were already reserved before even reaching stores.

The Paddington is a soft, slouchy leather bag with a duffel or luggage feel. It has a north and south orientation with rounded edges.

The bag has buckles on both ends and features a large leather-wrapped padlock, which is its centerpiece. It also has a key suspended from a tie fastened to the hardware attached to one of the two handles.

The Paddington is one of Chloé’s most expensive and iconic bags. It’s also quite hard to find; its scarcity means you’ll have to compete with celebrities and true-blooded fashionistas on the lookout for this elusive accessory.

  • The Marcie Saddle Bag

Chloé’s first Marcie bag, which was a saddle bag, was conceived under the creative direction of Hannah MacGibbon and released in 2009.

The Marcie is a classic, stylish saddle bag with fun, eye-catching elements, such as the drawstring closure and metal hardware.

It was made when the brand was moving towards a boho-chic direction. It adds a unique equestrian twist to the typical hobo bag with its arched, saddle-like front flap and top stitching details.

The hobo silhouette of the Marcie also embodies freedom and travel, two of the fashion brand’s core values.

The brand has played with different sizes and finishings for the Marcie bag. As such, you can choose among the regular-sized, small, and mini versions.

  • The Marcie Handbag

Chloé’s Marcie also has a handbag style with the same boho-chic vibe but with a roomier design perfect for everyday use.

The Marcie handbag is another ideal representation of the stylishness and playfulness of the fashion brand. It showcases an elegant look yet has a youthful lightness and vibe that gives the weather just the right amount of sophistication.

This handbag is made of leather with a leather or canvas shoulder strap. The bag has decorative seams and a few interior pockets, with some versions having a secret compartment.

The Marcie handbag also features beautiful leather appliqués, including two laces at the clasp. This bag is one of the most durable leather goods from the brand and comes in a variety of sizes.

  • The Drew Shoulder Bag

The Drew shoulder bag is one of the latest additions to Chloé’s collection. It is an upscale version of a saddlebag with contrasting shapes that balance soft, feminine curves with a smooth, masculine top opening.

The Drew is made of supple leather. Its lines are adorned with jewelry-inspired gold metal hardware.

The bag also features a signature turn lock with chain detail and oversized metal rings with a knotted chain bow.

The Drew shoulder bag comes in different sizes and colors. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll have an accessory that adds a touch of ‘70s elegance to any outfit you have.  

The bag’s versatility is unquestionable as well. Wear it from the shoulder for bouncier, more flexible movements.

Another option is to wear the bag cross-body for a more casual look.

  • The Faye Bag

Following in the footsteps of the Drew, the Faye is another 70’s inspired bag that was first released in the fashion brand’s Spring Summer 2015 Collection.

The Faye is a stunning casual chic handbag that works well with all types of outfits.

This bag is part leather and part suede, giving it a brighter, sharper color and more interesting look. Its eye-catching centerpiece is an oversized gold or silver loop connected to the side.

At present, you can find the Faye in two different sizes: small and medium. Both have a long, adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to wear the bag over your shoulder or cross-body.  

However, the main difference between these two sizes is their shape: the medium bag has a trapezoid silhouette, while the small version is rectangular.

  • The Nile Bag

First featured in Chloé’s Spring 2017 Collection, the Nile bag is one of the most unique and prettiest accessories released by the fashion house.

The bag has a leather exterior and suede interior. It has a round shape with a decorative, elegant circular gold handle.

The Nile’s highlight is its large bracelet top handle. It also features a magnetic snap closure, gold-hued hardware, and an interior slip pocket.

Additionally, the bag has an adjustable and removable leather strap, allowing you to wear it over your shoulder or cross-body.

It also quickly transforms into a handbag when you hold it via its bracelet.

The Nile bag comes in three different sizes: regular, small, and minaudiere.

This bag’s most sought-after variants include the smooth calfskin, metallic, and patchwork grained leather, all of which come in different colors.

  • The Paraty Bag

First introduced in 2008, the Paraty bag highlights a modern and youthful elegance that appeals to the trendy crowd.

It is one of the brand’s most distinguishable bag styles, comparable to the Paddington bag.

The Paraty is made of soft, small-grained calfskin and has a distinct triangular shape. It has eye-catching metallic hardware, including in its eyelet loops. 

The flat leather handles make it easy to wear over the shoulder, while the tubular strap lets you carry it by hand effortlessly.  

The bag’s leather rope trim and side twist locks give the bag a touch of elegance and femininity.

The Paraty is roomy and can carry plenty of your belongings that it works perfectly as a carry-on bag for a luxurious private flight.

With one or more of these Chloé bags, you’ll have a collection that everyone will envy. You’ll also have accessories that you can wear day or night for any occasion.

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