How To Dress Like A Cowboy: What Makes Cowboy Outfits So Stylish?

According to recent trends, western culture is at its peak. A distinctive style of clothing dating back to the 19th century is what gives it its unique look, and Cowboy fashion has been on the rise ever since.

Apparently, a cowboy outfit for men has been the talk of the town ever since they returned with modifications to make this outfit meet the needs of today’s generation.

A solid manly image is one of the first things that come to mind when we hear the word ‘cowboy’. Another thing that comes to mind is how to dress like a cowboy? As our focus today is on cowboys, let’s take a closer look at how they style and how to get that dashing cowboy look.

Beard and Mustache Styles

When we talk about the mustache, the cowboy mustache comes to mind. Yes, because their personality is represented by it. The mustache style is easily adaptable to anyone. In addition, cowboys are known for their manly attitudes, representing their toughness.

The cowboy mustache has been observed occasionally resembling a scruff. Well, it’s said to be a longer form of the Chevron mustache. We can also compare it with the Handlebar mustache because it has a twist in the corner edges on both sides.

If you wish to keep up with the mustache trend, you should opt for a Chevron mustache; in short, you have to grow it until it touches your upper lip, then trim it the way you like.

Western Style Jacket

While keeping you warm and maintaining a classy appearance, western jackets attract attention in any setting. A cowboy jacket is one of them, and it comes in a variety of styles such as leather, motorcycle, working, hunting, and much more. Wearing a western jacket gives uniqueness to the outfit and showcases creativity in one’s dressing sense.

When you wear this around, you will be able to convey a cowboy attitude; in addition, you add a macho look to your personality.

Cowboy Shirt

While selecting a modern-style cowboy shirt, season and temperature should be noted because a high-tech fabric can be uncomfortable for them because of the work they do. Cotton and flannel types shirts are a go to for them because their own temperature control makes them more comfortable.

You can have alternate options, but a plain white shirt or an old plaid shirt should be your first pick. A modern-style cowboy will go for a subtle look that will be comfortable for him so that he can work around. The key to looking cool is not always to dress extravagantly.

Cowboy Vest

If anyone wants to create a men’s western outfit, then a vest is the first pick as it gives a subtle look and impacts the overall silhouette of the outfit. In addition, cowboys wear vests to keep their bodies warm and pockets to hold their belongings.

Another benefit of vests, they do not get tangled up in bark, handrails, or other obstacles that may get in the way. To create a look in traditional style but with a modern touch, a cream-colored vest will go perfectly with a button-up shirt and give you both original and contemporary looks.

Western Belt Buckle

A cowboy look is incomplete without a western belt buckle, as we say, a cherry on top. It gives a stylish and confident look. It enhances the overall personality of a cowboy.

A black belt can go with alternate jeans or shirt options but make sure that the chosen belt must have a thick metal buckle to add a twist to the outfit.

Western Boots

Western boots are very much in fashion nowadays. Although they are somewhat different from cowboy boots, it has a 10 to 14 inch shaft and comes with no laces.

They represent folk art, pop culture, and functional clothing. Many artists have worn them, and they are really comfortable as well. It originated from the Midwest and far western United States in the 1800s. 

Western Hat

As we get to the hats, some outfits are incomplete without a hat. We get so many options when it comes to a western hat, but simplicity is always the best option. Keeping it traditional, a hat can be brown or black, giving it a sophisticated appearance.

Looking at the past, hats were used to resemble social status. The cowboys used Western hats to embrace their personalities and complete their looks. Western hats are also called cattlemen. A simple sweatband stabilizes the fit of the hat on the inside, while a small decorative hat brand decorates the crown. 

A Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are used by cowboys, and folding knives are popular among them. These knives come with a clip to hold them in the back of the pocket. This allows them to be accessed all at once if they get tangled and can save the life of themselves.

There is no doubt that knives are among the most necessary tools. Even cowboys acknowledge that carrying a pocket knife is essential to being a cowboy.

Western Style Cowboy Accessories

Cowboy outfits are incomplete without their accessories. They would carry only essential accessories with them which includes wallets and money clips, western ties and bolos, men’s western trinkets and western jewels. Some accessories are worn occasionally, and some are used in their daily routine that they carry with them.

Western Style Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are iconic because they don’t only look stylish but are comfortable to wear and have an impact on the fashion world. They give a look to their outfit and suits with their daily life.

If you desire a cowboy look, then boots must be your first choice. By wearing it, you can walk on mud, grass and normal streets. In addition, it will make your hiking and traveling much easier than before.

The Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is simple and gives a sober look. It is said to be the defining piece of an outfit for the cowboys. It is worn by everyone, but it is associated with ranch hands. It is recognized all over the world as a part of western apparel. 

The cowboy hat has different names like ten-gallon hat, top hat, topper, toque, and tricorne. Cowboy hats come in different materials; the most common are straw and felt; leather is also used but not so often. Straw and felt are both different, and servers have different functions and come with benefits as well.

Why Are Cowboy Outfits So Stylish?

The cowboy style has recently gained popularity, according to the latest trends. In addition to being stylish, cowboy outfits give the appearance of being manly and tough. Pistols hanging on a side, long boots, a big buckled belt, hat, and no doubt a proper manly look with a beard and mustache gives a great attraction.

In the modern world, fashion icons are reshaping the style but keeping their traditional look the same but with a modern twist is what is eye-catching for the fans who love to have such style and outfit.

Why Do Cowboys Wear Chaps

As we talk about accessories, chaps are also one of the most essential accessories which cowboys wear in their daily routine.

Chaps come from a Spanish word “Chaparreras”, that is used to call “for the brush”, and are mandatory for cowboy attire. It helps them ride across difficult terrains, they give a shield to their legs from thrones, branches and other dangers as well.


As far as we have come in the article, you must have gotten knowledge of how to dress like a cowboy in modern day. It’s not as complicated as it seems; one just has to keep in mind that the final look must be a little bit edgy and challenging so that it can give a macho look.

Gather proper things that suit the dressing style and go for it. But one thing, keeping everything simple will always supercharge your outfit.