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Best Way to Select a Watch Bracelet

Choosing a watch bracelet is not easy. You might be able to get some inspiration by accessing but you need to realize that there are many factors that play a role, such as size, width, color, shape and style. Which watch bracelet is suitable? There is no rule book about watch bracelet selection, but in this article we will try to help you along the way.

What material should your watch bracelet have?

First and foremost, it is about understanding that different materials work well in different environments. We discuss this in detail in articles about guardians of the skin but in short about, for example, genuine leather does not fit in a corrosive environment, that is, a moist environment and worse yet moist in combination with salt. For this environment, the watchband works in synthetic materials such as nylon tape or special leather.

What style should your watch bracelet have?

For example, if you decide that your strap must be made of genuine leather (good, choice!), This is the time to decide what type of watch bracelet you want. It is important to ensure that your watch has a removable bar.

Band width

The width of the band must of course also be consistent with how wide your watch is in a normal case, the width is between 18 mm and 24 mm and of course it can be easily measured if you are not sure how wide your current band is.

We do not recommend that you put a narrower watchband on your watch. This is largely because it rarely looks good, even though Sean Connery went by wearing a nylon strap too small for Rolex Submariner in the Goldfinger film.

Choose the right length for your watch bracelet

It is important for you to choose a watch bracelet that is the right length. Because we all have different circumferences on our wrists, there are different sizes of straps, but the most common is the size between 165 – 203 mm which can be seen as a standard in the industry.

Color and texture

Now it’s time to find a watch bracelet with the right texture and color to match your watch. There are actually two ways to do this. Either you find a color that matches your watch or you find a color that is very contrast with your watch. Most often, it’s easier to find something good if you try to find a watch bracelet that contrasts with your watch.

For best results …..

As mentioned above, you usually get the best results if you choose a wristband with a high contrast to the color of the watch. Watch bracelet details like e.g. stitching or color / design on the buckle adds an extra touch that often improves the quality of the watch bracelet more. Hopefully this article can guide you whenever you need to replace your old watch bracelet. Thank you for your time and good luck!