Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 3

Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 3

Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 3

We have already discussed the top six fashion heroes that can make or break your look. However, here are a few more that you need to know about to add the extra ‘oomph’ factor to your outfit. Men’s fashion is all about elegance and trend-setting. Run-of-the-mill will not grab any attention.

7. Hats

Hats are a major part of Indian weddings. From Topor to Safa, several varieties of hats are worn by grooms. However, apart from these, there are certain hats that compliment your Elegant Indian outfit. Taqiya, for instance, is a rounded cap and is usually custom-made to match the outfit. Pagdi or Pagri are found in a wide variety of cultures across the country and worn in different styles. The Pagri is an essential element in almost all Indian weddings. All men in the family wear a pagdi.

8. Watch

Watch is a symbol is elegance and masculinity. Your watch should be simple and subtle. Remember there is great class in simplicity! My hint would be to always own a good quality black belt watch with a black dial for all dark shades of Indian outfits.

9. Wallets

You cannot ignore the importance of a good quality wallet. Leather wallets are a symbol of prosperity. Remember to carry a simple but stylish wallet, preferably with self-print or no print at all. Don’t go all crazy on your wallet. That will remain in your pocket!

10. Sarpech

Sarpech is essentially for the grooms to be a King for their queens on the big day. It a crown for your turban made out of precious stones. Sarpech can either be ekkalangi or teen kalangi depending upon the number of heads. However ekkalangi is the usually preferred option as it is light and elegant. The gems on your sarpech should correspond to your outfit and bring out the entire color scheme and look of your attire.


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Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 3