Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 2

Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 2

Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 2

Guys you already know about these cool fashion accessories and elements that compliment your outfit. But my article emphasizes on the importance to simply remind you about these fashion trends that add class to your basic attire and make you stand out! Let us continue with our list of heroes starting from:

4. Socks

The socks you wear with semi-formal or formal outfit, along with your formal shoes, has to be elegant. You cannot afford to wear stained socks with immature print like ducks or birds (just a hyperbole!). White socks are not considered formal. Also make sure your socks fit you right. Don’t wear old and lose socks. You socks should match your trousers. Also the perfect length for your sock is a little below knees. This is the ideal size of sock for men we refer to as Gentlemen.

5. Shoes

Often traditional outfit is paired up with formal shoes. This adds a sense of elegance to the look and also masculinity. However some things should be kept in mind whilst choosing the right shoe. Leather loafers, Monk shoes or oxford shoes would do the job based on your choice, comfort and attire. Make sure you invest in good quality shoes.

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6. Brooches

There is nothing more royal than an exquisite brooch to go with your traditional outfit. Brooches can be either wedding brooches or fashion brooches. Wedding brooches are heavier and usually in gold while fashion brooches are simple yet elegant! Elaborate Paisley and Kalgibrroches are back in fashion. Also, there is this new wedding fashion of wearing elongated brooch with two pins that would spread across your kurta or jacket. Such brooches are extended by adding pearly string that could be hooked on to the other end.

Well there is a part- III coming up next. I promise that my trilogy ends there! :p

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Indian Accessories not to Miss – Part 2